Ruben Amaro Interview

6a0120a6dde087970b0153923f2efd970b-800wiI haven’t had the chance to post this, but Ruben Amaro got on 97.5 the Fanatic to talk with Mike Missanelli about the team and it’s direction.

A couple of quick thoughts on this one:

1. This team is in the stone age.

2. Unless Ruben’s fired, expect no major changes in the next two years. This team believes (at least pretends they believe) in Ryan Howard still and, after seeing how Prince Fielder worked out in Detroit, it just hurts to see the opposite end of the spectrum. 

3. He admitted he didn’t want three years for Chooch, but did it anyway to lock him up. Great.

4. A theory was dropped of Chase Utley covering first base should Ryan Howard get hurt, allowing Cesar Hernandez or Freddie Galvas to take over at second base.

5. There’s this quote, which is one of the most painful/laughable things I’ve heard recently: 

Well I don’t know that in this marketplace that we can look the fanbase in the eye and say ‘okay, we are going to completely blow up this team’ based on where we are as far as our commitments and what we think is our talent base and expect to just turn things around…I don’t think that’s fair to the fanbase, I don’t think that’s fair to the people who have been so loyal to us.

Now for the full interview, you can check it out here. Credit to Mikey Miss who does a good job of going at Amaro and asking some questions that literally everyone has wanted to ask because damn they’re hopeless.


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