Is Melo “The Guy”? Meh.

carmelo-anthony-knicksI’ve always thought that Melo would never be the centerpiece of an NBA championship winning team. Is he a great individual talent? Absolutely. Melo is a six time All-Star, the reigning scoring champion, and he’s been in the playoffs every season of his career.

But as a guy who thrives as an isolation scorer it’s hard to believe that he’s the vital cog in the machine. The only way that he could lead a team to a title would be if he had a side-kick with top talent as well. For example, I think trading for Rajon Rondo would be a fantastic move for the Knicks (Which was a recent rumor). He’d be a perfect counterpoint to Melo with his skills as a slasher, passer, and defender.

I’ve felt like an outsider on this but it seems like I’m not alone. ESPN spoke with four GM’s who seemed to feel the same way. Since the ESPN article is an insider only scam here’s the ProBasketballTalk version of it, which contains some quotes. Check it out and then feel free to come back and call me an idiot.

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