In Miserable Failure Everyone Gets Their Wish

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Outside of their inability to score a point, the biggest news of Sunday’s game was that Vick reinjured his hamstring.

Chip Kelly already said that it’s not likely he’ll play this week, which means that fans will see a lot more of Nick Foles. Foles, who is expected to clear concussion testing this week, will probably be the birds’ starter until December. Why December? The Eagles have a week 12 bye, which has them playing on Nov 17th then December 1st. That’s likely the earliest date that we’ll see Vick play again.

Now when Foles played during this last stretch, part of the reason that I didn’t buy so much into his success was the quality of competition. He played the Giants (2-6), Buccaneers (0-7), and Cowboys (4-4) over that stretch. Over the next few weeks, the schedule appears a little bit stronger but is more of the same. The Eagles play @ Oakland (3-4), @ Green Bay (5-2) and vs Washington (2-5) before the bye.

The records are certainly better and the Packers sound like a guaranteed loss, but defensively this is still a Foles-friendly schedule. The Raiders, Packers and Redskins are the 17th, 12th, and 5th worst passing defenses respectively in yards per game thus far. They also combine for a total of only 15 picks in 21 games.

While I still like Vick more at the moment as a player, this is the best case scenario.

As before, everyone gets to see if Foles is the stud of Tampa Bay or the Dallas dud and Chip doesn’t lose the locker room. Assuming he does play until December 1st, Foles will have played significant time in 13 regular season games in addition to all of the practice time and preseason work. That should be enough time to decide whether they are willing to commit to #9 going forward or another direction. It should make for a few interesting weeks in an otherwise sub-par season.

Here are Foles basic stats as it stands now:

Record Attempts Completions Yards TDs INTs Comp%
2-6 355 213 2,321 12 5 60
*I’m not including the recent Giants game for Foles’ record.


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