2013-14 NBA GM Survey Points to Sixers’ Future

Photo Courtesy Philly.com

Photo Courtesy of Philly.com

This week the NBA released the results of their 12th Annual GM Survey. All 30 NBA General Managers took part in a 56-question survey. The GM’s are not permitted to vote for their own team, players or staff in the survey which serves to eliminate bias and give an accurate look at what the GM’s truly think of the NBA landscape.

With the Sixers in a bit of a rebuilding mode, it is a fair assumption to think that the Sixers would not be very well represented in the survey. However, Philly did make a few appearances in the results.

The first Sixers related appearance in the survey came in the offseason moves category. The question posed to GM’s was which player acquisition was the most underrated.

The Pelicans acquisition of Jrue Holiday came in tied for first with 10 percent of GM’s agreeing that the former Sixer may fly under the radar and really improve the New Orleans Pelicans. Holiday is coming off a career year in Philadelphia and made his first All-Star game.

Photo Courtesy NOLA.com

Photo Courtesy of NOLA.com

Holiday will now team up with Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans and Anthony Davis as they look to begin the Pelicans era in New Orleans.

Interestingly the top choice for this category a year ago was former Sixer Andre Iguodala being dealt  to Denver, a repeat of sorts for the Sixers.

The trading away of Holiday coupled with the moving on from the Andrew Bynum experiment symbolized the beginning of a rebuild in Philadelphia and the Rookie section of the GM survey proved that other GM’s see that the Sixers have their eyes set on the future.

The GM’s were asked which rookie will be the best player in five years. Not one, but two Sixers rookies received votes in this category, Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel.

This is clearly a good sign for a franchise fully committed to the future. Having two players on your roster that other GM’s see as potential stars is something to be happy about considering the fact that the franchise also has multiple first round picks and cap space on the horizon.

Point guard and center are arguably the two most important positions in the game of basketball (outside of the Miami Heat) and the Sixers rebuilding plan is off to a solid start to have two players with solid NBA potential.

The GM’s were also asked to identify the biggest steal in the draft and tied for second in that category was Nerlens Noel falling to #6 to Philadelphia. It looks like the Sixers will be without their draft day steal for much of his first season, if not the entire season, but with winning not a priority for 2013-14, it only makes sense not to rush their new big man. Think back to the Clippers strategy with Blake Griffin during his first year in L.A.

Photo Courtesy of Philly.com

Photo Courtesy of Philly.com

Another indirect Sixers connection that may be the biggest key to the rebuild was the GM’s choice for best coach. The 30 NBA GM’s picked Gregg Popovich as the best head coach in the NBA.

Brett Brown, a product of Popovich’s San Antonio system, is now leading this young group in Philadelphia. One thing that this young Sixers team is missing is winning experience and their coach will be the franchise’s only true source of success. Having someone who comes from a proven winner is going to be integral when it comes to building this team.

So as you read through this year’s survey, do not be too discouraged by the number of times you see “Miami Heat” and “Lebron James” in top spots. You just have to do some digging to find the hints that point to a new and hopefully brighter future for the Sixers.

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