Which Coach Would You Rather Be?

Philadelphia has experienced a ton of turnover the last few months. We’ve seen two of the most successful Philadelphia coaches of all time, Charlie Manuel and Andy Reid, kicked to  the curb. We’ve also saw blurs of success followed by complete misery with Doug Collins and Peter Laviolette who have also lost their jobs.

Now that all four major franchises (no disrespect to the Union) have gone through a coaching change, it begs the question: whose shoes would you rather fill? The candidates:

image via ussportsdownunder.com

image via ussportsdownunder.com

Brett Brown

Following one of the biggest disasters in team history with the Bynum Era that never was, you step into the nuclear dump that is the 76ers. The only All-Star on the team in Jrue holiday has been sent to New Orleans and the team’s best prospect will likely miss half of the year with a torn ACL. This team may not reach 20 wins this year as they shuffle rookies, duds, and projects onto the court in a truly inspired tank job.

However, Sam Hinkie and company have adopted the mantra that it’s always darkest before the dawn and you may have glory in your future if you can create art from this lifeless block. This team is hoping to build through the draft and become a young perennial contender. It’s a gamble, but it could take you straight to the top.

Craig Berube

If you’ve ever met an asshole who sells his car for a new one every year, then you’ve met the Philadelphia Flyers. Run by an owner with no true regard for the salary cap, patience, or the scientific flaws of inbreeding, your job is to take a quiet librarian and turn her into a Miss America in the next two years (hint: practice public speaking).

On the positive side, you have some top notch youth talent, a seemingly stable goalie situation, and you can probably convince Snider to blow things up in exchange for a heart made of stem cells. Things need to turn around quickly, but if you can harness the power this team has a shot at a cup in the next two years.

Image credit (AP Photo/Laurence Kesterson)

(AP Photo/Laurence Kesterson)

Ryne Sandberg

You were waiting for this moment since you joined the squad and now it’s here! You’re the head coach of the Philadelphia Phillies! Congratulations! All you have to do is find a new infield, outfield, and bullpen and you’ll be flying high in no time.

On the positive side, you have an organization that’s willing to spend money on big name players and a top pitcher in his prime with Cole Hamels. If you can maximize the skill of your young players, the transition to a new era might not be as painful as expected.

photo compliments of sportsillustrated.com

photo via sportsillustrated.com

Chip Kelly

You are the head coach of the most popular team in town. In other words, your gift is your curse. You need to navigate constant media scrutiny while turning a miserable team into a Super Bowl contender. Not a big deal when you don’t have a franchise quarterback, a receiving core, or a defense am I right? To make matters worse, you’re literally starting out of your league.

On the positive side, you have a front office that’s letting you make major input into personnel decisions and one of the best running backs in the league on your squad. Now go set the world on fire, hot shot!



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