Flyers Need a Culture Change

It was ugly, competitive at some points but overall ugly. The Flyers and Pens played tonight to the tune of a Pittsburgh win 4-1.

After 1 period of play the game was tied at 0 but once the puck dropped for the 2nd it really began to unravel.

Kunitz’s goal that put the Pens up by 2 was the true example of where the Flyers stand this season……


That is the “culture” Ed Snider says is a culture that is a playoff team year in and year out. Guess what Snider, this team is now 1-7-0 on the season, THE WORST START IN TEAM HISTORY. Changing your coach 3 games in doesn’t exactly send a message of a team on the track to a cup. It’s more like a team on their way to the bottom.

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During the Kunitz goal I honestly thought the Flyers were replaced by Zombies. No one seemed to be in position, no skating to the 50/50 pucks. Leaving the door open for Kunitz to bury one and put the team up by 2.

Simmonds ended up tipping one in for the Flyers with 2 seconds left in the 2nd period but it really didn’t mean much, most Flyers fans knew the outcome already. The Flyers are completely out of sorts. The young guns aren’t developing correctly, the veterans are old and slow and on the downhill of their careers.

Craig Berube stated in his press conference when hired that the 70s style hockey isn’t part of this game anymore and he is fully correct. The beautiful game we call hockey is now about speed. But it seems he is the only one within the offices that gets that. Ed Snider is stuck in 1975 (the Franchise’s second and most recent Cup), and if the owner isn’t willing to adapt a change in the team then who can over rule him?

Ed, it’s time for a culture change for the Flyers and that change starts with you. 

What Can Be Done Now?

With a team with a record like the Flyers a lot needs to be done. Pre-season evaluations stated that the defense would need the most help for the team to be competitive. But with 8 games played thats not the case, this team needs offense. The team hasn’t scored more than 2 goals in a game this season. 2 goals! Steve Mason can spin on his head game in and out but if the offense can’t score more than 2 goals you’re not going to win games.

So Homer, needs to make a trade. Vanek over in Buffalo wouldn’t be a bad choice to add some offensive power but he could be costly.

What also could be done is just a total blow up 8 games in. Highly unlikely but you know what? I wouldn’t be totally against this. Bring up the youth and see how they do, get a high draft pick and rebuild.

The team needs speed, smart passing, and goals. 3 things not easy to fill at this point.

What can be changed or at least started at this point for the entire Flyers organization is a culture change, getting into the playoffs just to be bounced within the first two rounds isn’t winning in the eyes of the newer Flyers fans who weren’t alive when they won a Cup.

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  1. Do you think the Flyers would trade one of their Big Name Players? Hartnell, Couturier, Timonen.

    • I think it’s possible with read getting that 4 year deal before the season I wouldn’t be shocked if B.schenn or coots gets traded

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