I Have Returned!

Image of my Return (I'm the pasty white figure)

Image of my Return (I’m the pasty white figure)

Lots of stuff has been going on, which I will get to when I have some time (Who would expect a busy schedule after being away for two weeks am I right?)

But for now, some general points that I’ll elaborate on later.


  • The Eagles are what I thought they were—average (or worse). Do they make some moves before the trade deadline?
  • How are some of the rookies playing?
  • Stop assuming that every NFL player is taking a dive when they’re injured, jerkoffs.
  • How bad is this division? Seriously.


  • I like this team, but am I sold on them as Cup Contenders?
  • Also, what’s the value of a goon these days?


  • I’m excited for the Sixers’ season this year even if they’re going to be the worst team in the league. Is this masochism or falling deeply in love with the coolest and ugliest woman in the world?


  • Ryne Sandberg is in, the team looks young(ish), can the Phillies front office help themselves from fucking this up or do they decide to trade Dom Brown for A-Rod because why not?

Road Trip!

  • Our first stop on the trip was the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I’ll post some pictures of that and give my thoughts on the Canton, Ohio experience.

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