What to Watch for: Eagles vs. Chiefs

"Gotta do a better job"

“Gotta do a better job”

Big Red is in town as Big and Red as he’ll ever be, McNabb’s number is being retired tonight, and there will be tons and tons of alcohol involved by everyone watching this game. It’s a complete powder keg on Thursday Night and I expect the fireworks will be part of one of the most memorable games of the season. But beware, here is what to watch for tonight….

1. Overhyping the Game. Sure, Chip, having taken over Andy’s role as head coach is drama filled and fun to talk about. Does it mean anything about the future of either of those franchises? Absolutely not. They’re both young teams that need time to develop. We just happen to have our studs on offense and their strongest unit is defensive. All the more reason this game should be seen as fun rather than a must win.

2. Jamaal Charles. The man can play and we’ll see a lot of him tonight as the Eagles allowed (crappy) Ryan Mathews to get 70 yards on the ground. If you have him in fantasy, expect a ton of points for him.

3. The Flea Flicker. I just can’t imagine this game without a flea flicker…It’ll be Big Red’s way of saying “fuck you” when he completes an 80 yard bomb from Alex Smith to Donnie Avery at the Linc.

4. McNabb taking the mic and singing the National Anthem himself. It’s his night after all amiright?

5. Lots of Space. The Chiefs will almost certainly attack by spreading the field and forcing the secondary to cover four or five targets, which they will almost certainly fail at. We’ll be doing the same as we run a variety of spread option plays. The winner will be decided by who can manipulate that space best.

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