Don’t Get Too into Eagles Hype

After the Eagles trounced Washington it was hard not to be excited. Chip Kelly is a new coach using never before seen NFL formations in a way that allows the Birds talented offensive core to rip defenses to shreds. We were geeking out here at The Wooder Cooler afterwards and gained a firm belief that this team is going somewhere.

See! This season's supposed to be a party!

See! This season’s supposed to be a party!

However, the Chargers game—which destroyed millions of cases of Chipatidis—is far more important to this season. After being made into a golden god the week before, Chip looked like a true rookie as he mismanaged the clock on the Eagles final drive, called timeouts FOR THE CHARGERS on their game winning field goal, and admitted to not knowing a rule after the game. It was a tough loss in a good game and that sucks. Especially when the game is at home.

However, the important thing is to not lose sight as to what this team is. Before the Eagles were playing games nearly everyone expected this team to be around 6-10 and begin the two to three year rebuilding process. It’s still the same team as you could tell on Sunday. There were bad penalties from rookie Lane Johnson, a missed field goal, some dropped passes, and a miserable showing from the secondary.

This team isn’t a Super Bowl contender. If you think they can compete against the 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Bears, or Falcons you’re mistaken. The Eagles need time to adapt to their new schemes and bring in the proper personnel.

I say all of this because reports are that lots of people left the game early with complaints about how the team failed and that fans wanted their money back. That’s completely unfair and unrealistic (Of course you’re not getting your money back).

But seriously, the same reason that they’re exciting is the same reason that they shouldn’t be considered disappointing. The offense on this team is fantastic and will put up a ton of points every week in unique ways, but they’re not a great TEAM.

This isn’t 2008. It’s more like the 2011-2012 Sixers. If they make the playoffs, great. But if they don’t, they’re still fun to watch because they have a reasonable chance to win every night.

Thursday night, for example, is possibly going to be the most fun all season with the Chiefs in town. The Visor vs. Tommy Bahama in Philly is about as good as NFL storylines get. So maybe on Thursday you have a beer, enjoy the evening with your friends and family, and tell Andy Reid to go fuck himself from your favorite chair. Just live in the moment, you know?

Like I said, this year is all about fun. Enjoy it.


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