Critique the Master: My Fantasy Football Teams!

150719As promised, I’ve decided to share my fantasy teams for the hell of it. Feel free to criticize them, praise them, or trade me all of your best players. Also, I’m going to highlight the guys that I mentioned in my prior fantasy piece only to prove that I’m not lying to my babies. (Love you!)

The first team is a 12 team PPR league with receptions worth half a point. I was lucky enough to snag the first pick in the draft.

Team Name: Start of a Romopoly

QB   Tony Romo
RB   Adrian Peterson
RB   Maurice Jones-Drew
WR  Marques Colston
WR  Eric Decker
WR  Jimmy Graham
Flex  Mike Williams
D/ST  Chicago
K   Randy Bullock


Jordy Nelson
Bernard PIerce
Vincent Brown
Michael Bush
Kenbrell Thompkins
Pierre Thomas
Josh Freeman

This next team is a non PPR league, which has ten teams. I was able to draft second in this league.

Team Name: Sproling 4 Columbine

QB   Tony Romo
RB   Doug Martin
RB   David Wilson
WR  Julio Jones
WR  Vincent Jackson
TE   Jimmy Graham
Flex  Darren Sproles
K   Sebastian Janikowski


Anquan Boldin
Tavon Austin
Montee Ball
Jared Cook
Andy Dalton
DeAndre Hopkins
Percy Harvin
New England

Ok so this last one was a 12 team auction league (I’m a man of variety). This is a standard PPR league, which allowed us to keep players that counted against our $200 limit.

Team Name: Ring My LeVeon Bell

QB   Cam Newton ($24)
RB   Alfred Morris ($10 keeper)
RB   Darren Sproles ($40)
WR  Brandon Marshall ($56)
WR  Steve Smith ($19)
WR  Sidney Rice ($11)
TE   Jason Witten ($22)
Flex  Vincent Brown ($11)
K Randy Bullock ($1)
DEF Chicago ($3)


Jacquizz Rodgers ($1)
Matt Schaub ($1)
Fred Jackson ($4)
Santonio Holmes ($2)
Heath Miller ($1)
Donnie Avery ($1)

Like I said earlier, feel free to say whatever about my teams in the comments or if you’d like to talk about some fantasy in some capacity (who to start, waiver wire stuff, etc) go for it! I’m ready to chat.

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