Labor Day Updates!

homerHey everyone! I’ve been all over the place these last few days and haven’t had the chance to write so I have some big events to catch up on.

Over the next few days expect me to go HAM as I catch back up in time for the start of football season. For now, I’ll begin with some brief thoughts on recent Philly sport happenings.

1. The Phillies finally signed Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to a three year, $12 million dollar contract. This move is strange in a few ways. First, initial reports came out on July 26th saying that the Phillies had come to terms with the 26 year old right hander. That deal was allegedly going to be a six year, $48 million dollar contract with a seventh year vesting option.

It’s been over a month since then. What the hell was going on that they couldn’t get this together? The Phillies could use every possible start from this guy so that they don’t sign the illusion of Roy Halladay. Get your shit in line, Phillies front office.

2. The Eagles made roster cuts over the weekend. The Eagles cut Danny Watkins, making the 2011 draft officially like the life of George Costanza. It was the right move, however. Watkins hasn’t shown anything while in Philly.

The WRONG move in my opinion was getting rid of Clay Harbor. He was replaced on the roster by Emil Igwenagu. I’ve always considered Harbor to be an undervalued part of this team, who had decent athleticism and reliable hands. Igwenagu is a fullback that was converted to a tight end so I Imagine the Eagles decided to add a thumper to the group—relieving James Casey of run blocking duties.

I’ll have more on cuts later in the week.

3. I had a number of fantasy drafts this week. I’ll post my teams up for your criticism.

4. The Sixers have added a number of assistant coaches: Former Nuggets assistant Chad Iske and Grizzlies assistant Lloyd Pierce. Both guys have experience in player development and spent time under good coaches in Geogre Karl and Lionel Hollins respectively. It’s great to see this team so aggressively go for the youth movement. I feel more and more confident in this team every day.

5. Flyers rookie camp beings on September 6th! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So I’ll be covering a lot of stuff in the next few days so keep checking back. But until then, enjoy your Labor Day with this classic American Goodness!

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