What to Make of the Eagles’ First Roster Cuts

ChaneyAs is the normal course of business after the third preseason game, the first wave of roster cuts took place as the Eagles get to the 75 player mandate that goes into effect on Tuesday. In order to get to that point, the Eagles released 11 players with Philip Hunt likely put on IR after tearing his ACL. So, let’s get into the unlucky few to get cut and what it means for the Eagles.

Most notable cuts:

Jamar Chaney
Kenny Phillips
Eddie Whitley
Brad Wing
Derek Carrier

Chaney absolutely stands out as the most surprising cut. Over the three seasons he played with the Eagles Chaney played at all three line backer positions in the 4-3 scheme, which fits the versatile mold Chip Kelly likes. While’s not overwhelming with his size at 6’0″, 242 pounds, Chaney is an athlete and had a decent chance to earn a role on the team during this transitional year. Being in the first wave of cuts, the Eagles didn’t see it that way. He’ll likely be replaced by Jake Knott on the roster, who has performed very well through three preseason games.

Phillips was a flier that was signed to a one year deal so the damage is non-existent. He was a really good safety when he entered the league with the Giants, but it seems as though his knees can’t hold up on the NFL level. This may be the end of the line for him and is 100% the reason that Nate Allen stays on the roster.

Whitley performed admirably at a crowded position in cornerback. He was constantly performing well in coverage and maintained physical play, but he was injured against Jacksonville and likely waived to save a roster spot for someone who can compete next week. He wasn’t going to make this team with 7th round pick Jordan Poyer ready to contribute.

Do you remember that movie The Replacements where there was a badass kicker on the team? Wing was that guy. However Donnie Jones out played him. Jones will be the Eagles punter this year.

Carrier is a physical freak that seemed like a perfect fit to make this team. He’s one of the most athletic tight ends to ever compete in the combine and this system thrives off of tight ends. This cut comes down to Clay Harbor being underrated. He’s going to be a solid contributor on this team that will play a TE/WR hybrid role.
The Other Guys:

DE, Eddie McClam
WR, Nick Miller
T, Nic Purcell
DE, Isaac Remington
TE, Will Shaw
DT, Daryell Walker
LS, James Winchester

All of these guys were long shots to make the team so it doesn’t come as any surprise. However, we can learn a few things from these cuts. First, the Eagles have seen all they need to see at tight end with the release of Carrier and Shaw. Therefore, Zach Ertz and Harbor will get extended action against the Jets. The other nugget being that Jon Dorenbos will be available next week after suffering a concussion.

The Eagles finish up the preseason against the New York Jets on Thursday in New York and will cut their roster down to the mandatory 53 in the day or two after—and hopefully we’ll be victorious in our roster competition vs 3D Philly Sports! Stay tuned.

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