Eagles vs Jaguars Preseason Preview

courtesy of gcobb.comTonight will be the most exciting part of the Eagles preseason despite the fact that the Birds will be playing against a crapfest known as the Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ll be getting an entire half—if not three quarters—of continuous play from the starters tonight in this regular season dress rehearsal and I expect love for Chip to emerge that will make this fella more than a little jealous. Here’s five reason’s why:

1. Chip Kelly vs. Gus Bradley: It was only a few months ago that Gus Bradley was on a flight to Philadelphia to presumably sign on as the future head coach of the Eagles…until Chip came out of the blue and took the job away from him. Bradley flew to Jacksonville shortly after and accepted the tall task of making an awful franchise into a winner. Not to say anything bad about Bradley, but when the Eagles put up some points tonight the Kelly signing will seem that much sweeter.

2. Combo Plays: Expect to see some new wrinkles added to the playbook as the Eagles continue to experiment with combo plays. Last week we saw more of the four tight end pods and a brand new double option play against the Panthers. All of those looks have been fun to watch and I imagine that the deeper we go the more exciting things will get.

3. Vinny Curry: He’s been a man on a mission this season after adding on some muscle and dominating in his two preseason performances thus far. If he continues to shine tonight by containing a fantastic back in Maurice Jones-Drew, there will be plenty of smiling faces in Philly.

4. The no huddle offense: I’m expecting at least two drives where we’ll see long stretches of no huddle so that the team can continue getting used to doing it in a game situation. It will absolutely work.

5. McCoy Unleased: We all knew that Andy Reid could tip the scale, but he had a reckless penchant for ignoring his best offensive threat in LeSean McCoy. I expect the Eagles to put up some eye popping numbers in the run game as part of their cardio-fueled assault.

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