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Ok so the Eagles have the Panthers tonight and it looks like the starters are getting the whole first half. I’m thinking I’ll keep a bucket next to me for when the defense walks onto the field. Thoughts?


I’m hoping for an improved defensive effort from the first team. Earl Wolff and Boykin will make a statement in the secondary. Oh ya Kurt Coleman isn’t good.


Is the defense aware that unlike the practices Chip Kelly is running, that its okay to tackle during these games? Oh well, I’m assuming (hoping) they’ll come around. 


I think the line will be ok, but like Dave said, Coleman is killing me. I can’t imagine he makes the team now especially with Wolff getting high praise. Also, looks like he’s been getting first team reps. I’m pretty excited to see him go.
What about OLB’s? Cole gonna cut it or at least justify the cap hit?


I think he gets a one year trial based on his history. He’s a well liked team player that works hard and has decent athleticism. For a year where the cap doesn’t mean anything I guess it’s worth a shot as long as it doesn’t stunt Graham’s development. If Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis can do it Cole can too right?
I’ve got my eyes squarely on Barwin. Here’s a guy who was tasked with rushing the passer the second most times on the Texans last year, behind only Watt, and he came up with just 3 sacks. 3!

Does he know the 3-4 fronts better than Graham and Cole? Yes. But regardless of pre-snap positioning, I just don’t have as much faith in Barwin’s raw ability to get to the Q as I do in those two. So if none of those three end up making any plays, OLB may just end up the weakest spot on the roster. Yes, even weaker than the secondary. 


It seems like finding and holding onto LBs is always an issue for the Eagles.  Remember when they thought starting Casey Matthews was a good idea two seasons ago? I remember him getting burned so bad on a play action against NYG that I was roaring laughing. I get what Dave is saying though with Trent Cole being sort of expensive. He’s probably a bit miserable now also that his boy Jason Babin isn’t here anymore.
How many turnovers do we think Vick and Foles will combine for against Carolina?

Despite their beastly (on paper) front seven, Carolina’s secondary is still more-or-less crap. So I’ll optimistically go with 0.


I want to see some more no-huddle offense, especially from Foles. If he can get that going for him early on here, it could be a smoother transition from Vick to Foles than I may have originally thought.

That’s what makes this tough for me. I feel like Foles is worse than Vick as a player right now but since this year doesn’t mean much Foles might as well start so we can see what he’s worth. Otherwise we’ve got two pretty unknown commodities in Foles and Barkley next year.


I disagree. IF Vick is better right now, then you start him for at least a few weeks until you figure out if the team will be competitive or not. If you pick Foles as the week one starter, aren’t you pretty much cutting bait on the entire season before it starts? You can always see what Foles is worth after the division is out of reach because Foles will stay on the roster regardless. I don’t know if you can get away with stashing Vick on the bench if the team is in the mix.

Only way Chip goes with Foles in week one is if Foles is better than Vick in week one. I’m certain of that.
I agree Chip will pick the best QB by his estimation. I heavily disagree that with Nick Foles your Virtually mailing in the season. Are the browns mailing it in with Weeden (I know he sucks but still). I firmly believe after watching game film all least season he gives this team ample opportunity to win games as well as having room to grow into a good-very good quarterback at the very least.

The premise for my “mailing in the season” comment only applies IF Vick is the better player. Like I said, if Foles starts week one you can bet Foles is better right now. If Vick is better, there’s no reason to start Foles unless and until the Eagles fall out of contention. Starting the immediately worse player just ‘to see what he has’ would most certainly constitute mailing it in.


This is why the QB situation here is getting such scrutiny, because you really have to think that if they thought Foles was the franchise QB going forward, they wouldn’t have brought Vick back in the offseason. They had every excuse to just cut him and let him go sign another deal elsewhere (possibly for more $$).

I’m not sure if Foles has impressed Chip Kelly more so than he was prepared for or what.  But if they really planned to turn the reigns over to Foles during the offseason (and maybe they should), I just don’t see any reason to bring back a guy who is going to assume he’s the starter and very well may still be a better QB because of his 10+ years of experience in the league. Because then you have to start the better QB in week 1. You can’t bench the better guy in any sport if you’re trying to compete now.
It’s confusing but pretty damn intriguing at the same time.

What makes it odd is that bringing in Vick made sense for everyone. Vick doesn’t have to move, gets a chance to start in a system that will use his skill set, and has quality players around him. For Chip he has a veteran QB that didn’t hurt the team financially to sign, has respect in the locker room, and could make his NFL transition easier.

Also, if Vick is being honest about being a team player then we have a respectable back-up to take over instead of Barkley if it comes down to that. Could you imagine bringing in Byron Leftwich or Matt Leinart in for a workout? Ugh.

Haha oh yea, Matt Leinart is one of the bigger jokes in the past decade I think.

I think tonight is going to be another decent chance for us to see what Chip Kelly might have in store for both Vick and Foles. I’m more excited for these preseason games than I think I have ever been ( save for when TO first got here maybe).
If I had to take a guess as to who the QB might be here by Week 8 I would seriously have to flip a coin. I just hope we don’t have to sustain too many more season-ending injuries.


Shoot, if we’re guessing who will be the week 8 starter, I’d need a 3-sided coin.
While I think it’s improbable that that Barkley will win the job outright, if things break a certain way (like, 2-6 or worse) he could find his way onto the field at midseason.

The comforting thing is that between Leinart and Butt Fumble, it would be pretty difficult for him to be worse than the last two big USC Q’s.
Matt Cassell is another USC product that hasn’t exactly been stellar in the NFL. The Sanchise Butt Fumble will always be one of my favorite plays though. The Jets were down 35-0 in that game in the blink of an eye. It was a royal mess.
Haha butt fumble. I just laughed aloud at work and got dirty looks.
I’d say Barkley is much better off though considering he has been a top prospect from high school through college. Not just a QB who excelled with a sick team around him like Butt Fumble and Leinart.
Anyway I’m hoping we have some players who separate themselves on the defensive side of the ball. That would ease my fears for this defense right now. Offense is virtually set other than the QBs and that won’t be decided upon anytime soon.
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