Sixers Hire Brett Brown as New Head Coach

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Yes, after months of schoolyard flirting the Sixers have decided to finally put their peanut butter sandwich down Brett Brown’s pants—making their marriage official.

Brown has been with the Spurs for the last seven years —the last five as director of player development—and coached the Australian National Team during the 2012 Olympics.

Now while his title is head coach, the job remains the same for Brown: he must develop the talent on this pitiful roster. For this season particularly expect Michael Carter-Williams (MCW) to be the subject of a lot of conversations.

The young point guard out of Syracuse, drafted 11th overall this year by the Sixers, is the obvious replacement for Jrue Holiday. At 6’6 MCW has the length and quickness to be a quality defender on the big stage and averaged 7.3 assists per game  last season. The issue for Brown, however, will be fixing MCW’s jump shot during a wasted year.

This team is going to tank. They know it, he knows it, and his friends know it. As a result, they gave him a four year contract so that he will have a chance to coach a team that hopefully won’t be dookie in two or three years.

This is a good move for both sides. For Brown, he gets his first crack as an NBA head coach with a team that is in dire need of his strengths. Brown will have every opportunity to get his hands on young talent with one of those players hopefully being the best prospect since LeBron: Andrew Wiggins.

For the Sixers, they get a guy who has worked with one of the best coaches in the NBA (Greg Popovich) for the last seven years and is willing to go through a tanking season. This makes things much cleaner for the new regime.

Before Brown’s hiring, one of the likely scenarios was that Doug Collins’ assistant Michael Curry would have taken over this lump of people parading around as an NBA squad. Curry would then be fired as a scapegoat after the tanking was done and the real coaching search would begin. In other words, it would really be a dick move for a guy who by all accounts has done a good job with this team and been with the organization for a few years.

Thankfully Brown was willing to make the plunge and the Sixers will be able to take the rebuilding process on without any hiccups from changing coaches. The plan is fully in place now. They just have to follow it.


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