Benn Tears ACL; Voodoo Doll Sales Continue Rising

Arrelious-BennAt this point in the offseason I didn’t think that I would lament the loss of a bag of mismatched hub caps named Arrelious Benn, but football surprises you every year.

The Eagles have confirmed today that Benn tore his ACL in practice, which means that he’ll be done for the year. Now Benn wasn’t considered a good player, but he was a low-risk, high-reward guy.

He was drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the expectation that he and Mike Williams would form a top duo. One for two isn’t bad.

Benn’s career stats after three seasons (37 games) are 59 catches for 862 yards and 5 TDs. Williams on the other hand, had 65 catches for 964 yards and 11 TD’s in his rookie year alone.

Without much surprise, the Bucs gave up Benn for a 6th round pick and he looked for the opportunity to revitalize his career in Philly. It’s basically the same thing that happened with Reggie Brown a few years ago with the teams switched.

It’s pretty unfortunate—mainly for our 53 man roster contest. Benn is only 24 years old and was considered to be a true threat after the catch in college. With Kelly’s offense, he might have showcased such talent on a receiver needy team.

So with Benn and Jeremy Maclin out what’s next?

There aren’t many great options out there. The players that teams want have already been signed for the most part. The Eagles need to add someone with NFL experience to the roster as injury insurance for training camp, but otherwise I don’t think anything changes.

Wide receiver will not be as pivotal to this team as it is for normal offenses. The Eagles will function a lot more like New England has than, say, Atlanta. If they decide to trot out a line-up of DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Demaris Johnson, and Russell Shepard I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s all about the Benjamins tight ends so receivers won’t need to be Pro Bowl caliber players. They’ll simply need to be able to threaten defenses with their speed, forcing sideline to sideline coverage. Therefore, there’s no need to make drastic moves and trade for anyone.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated if anything significant happens. Hopefully that doesn’t include another ACL tear.


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