Phillies Buy in the Best Way Possible: From Cuba

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Big news yesterday as the Phillies reportedly signed Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez—a 26 year old right hander—to a six year, $48 million dollar contract with an $11 million vesting option for a 7th. Gonzalez, who defected from Cuba earlier this year, has been waiting in Mexico for his opportunity to come across the border and sign with an MLB club.

Apparently there was a lot of interest. The LA Dodgers, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Miami Marlins all allegedly competed for Gonzalez’s services once he was successfully smuggled out.

Will he play for the Phillies this year? It’s hard to say. Most likely he’ll spend some time getting a feel for things in the minor leagues and if Gonzalez looks ready to go then he’ll get some experimental starts. Ruben needs to sell the fans that this team has a future, even if he’s not willing to sell the current team for a future.

Regardless of how the move turns out, what’s nice about this deal is that the Phillies were able to add a guy who could potentially become the second or third starter for a long time without giving up any assets. That’s a win in itself. Everything else is a worthwhile risk.



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