Eagles Add Powell, Tucker on the Outs?

Edit [7/26/13]: Powell has failed his physical and has been waived by the Eagles. As you were.


The Eagles were awarded the contract of former Arizona Cardinals running back William Powell. You may remember him as that guy you picked up on the waiver wire in hopes of a few cheap starts that bit you in the ass…just me? Moving on then.

Now overall, the move is insignificant. In fact, it’s so insignificant that NFL.com doesn’t even have a profile of him despite playing in 12 games for the Cardinals last year.

With this move, the Eagles are likely close to pushing Matthew Tucker out the door. The rookie out of TCU showed up to camp out of shape to the point where he was the only player outside of a rookie punter that couldn’t complete the conditioning test. He might as well have worn a meat suit into a shark tank. Chip Kelly has been very adamant that his players be in top physical condition.

With Powell aboard, the Eagles have added a versatile back that demonstrated the ability to catch passes and return kicks while playing for a truly miserable team. It’s likely that he will get an opportunity to earn a  role as the fourth running back by returning kicks—though, he’ll have to show that he’s a more worthy option than Chris Polk.

Polk, who is the thunder to Powell’s lightning, is the only power back on the roster outside of Tucker. Therefore, it will be a steep climb for Powell to make this team with the presence of LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, and Felix Jones.

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