Did McNabb puke? Guess what, it can happen to anybody.

Pictured: Not the Super Bowl
Image via The Kick Is Good

The sniveling clowns on WIP’s Morning Show got former Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard for an interview this morning, and Lito testified that he saw McNabb puke in the Super Bowl.

This article by Philly.com writer Peter Mucha does a good job breaking down the facts of what Lito said v. what he didn’t say. I’m not going to go into that.

One of the major assumptions made by the hosts of this show (who somehow perpetuate their continual dumping on McNabb even though this month will mark the fourth training camp since McNabb was traded to the Redskins) is that McNabb puking means he must have been out of shape and physically unprepared for the 2004 Super Bowl.

I say that’s horseshit. And so does medical science.

Yes, exercise-induced nausea can be brought on by overexertion – that is, physically working your body harder than it is capable of working. But this narrative entirely ignores the possibility that McNabb was perfectly fit for the task at hand, but he was overhydrated.

When an athlete drinks too much water during a high-intensity exercise, he can suffer a condition known as hyponatremia. This means that the sodium levels in the athlete’s blood have dropped below acceptable levels. It is a fairly common condition among endurance athletes, as this study notes that 13% of a sample of 488 runners who finished the 2002 Boston Marathon were in a classified as being in a hyponatremic condition.

Want to take a guess what one of the primary symptoms of hyponatremia is? Yep, it’s puking.

So if that were the case (it’s obviously far too late to test that now) I guess you could blame McNabb for drinking too much water. But that’s hardly the worst crime in the world. Hell, Chip Kelly will attest that sports nutrition has advanced by miles since that year. This innocuous cause is entirely possible.

I’m not ruling out that McNabb might have been physically unprepared for the Super Bowl, but that explanation has never really passed the sniff test. McNabb was coming off what was easily the best season of his entire career, and if he were physically unfit it seems almost impossible that this wouldn’t have manifested itself earlier in the season. He wasn’t coming off any injuries, and he absolutely plowed through the Vikings and the Falcons en route to the Birds’ fateful matchup with the Pats.

But at the end of the day, if McNabb did puke as Lito says, all that really tells us for certain is that the man tried his damnedest for us, and he just happened to come up short. Continuing to pour shit on his head more than 8 years later is an absolute joke.

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