Hinkie Gets Tanky Panky: Sixers Will Suck for Success

Image via LibertyBallers.com

Image via LibertyBallers.com

Sam Hinkie has been more of an idea than an actual human being over the last few weeks. His intentions hardly whispered in the rumor mill.  All of this, combined with a lack of head coach and a middling draft led to what would be a pretty blasé night.

Then Hinkie released the Kraken.

Just a few minutes before the Sixers were to pick at 11,  news broke of Jrue Holiday and second rounder being sent to New Orleans for Nerlens Noel and a first round pick in 2014.

The talking heads of Philly now know that Hinkie is burning down the house, which is tough to stomach but really is the right move for this team.

It’s all about tanking in the NBA and tanking properly.

Remember that scene in Toy Story where Buzz clips the rocket off of his back and “falls with style” on their way to redemption? It’s the total opposite of that.

Hinkie is Sid in this case. He’s looking for this team to be crushed, mangled, and utterly destroyed next year in hopes of getting the top pick next year.

With Jrue on this team, the Sixers would have won a number of games that they frankly don’t want or need to win. 10th in the East won’t get the Sixers to a finals.  They need to suck hard.

By trading Jrue a number of good things happen. First, the Sixers guarantee themselves a lottery pick in what is considered a very good draft class. That pick will be protected so the Heat won’t get it. (Fuck ‘em).

Second, Noel—who’s arguably the draft’s best player—has no pressure to return quickly from his torn ACL and make matters worse.

Third, the Sixers won’t spend tons of money on any free agents out there. Josh Smith, Monte Ellis, Al Jefferson—none of these guys make sense for the Sixers now.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I love Jrue. He’s the type of guy that Philly needs: a hard worker with a positive (non-diva) attitude. It’s been fun to see him develop over these past few years into what will probably be a great career, but it’s not in the best interest of either side.

Jrue, despite his youth, would be miserable if he were forced to sit through the slop that will be gracing the Wells Fargo center over the next two or three years. Hinkie wants to build through the draft, which means going the Thunder route of a few years with high picks that build a long-term core and ideally land a superstar.

Having Jrue is both counterproductive to achieving that goal and wasting Jrue’s value. Obviously, it will be a few years before this deal can really be examined, but the value at this moment is certainly hard to argue.

Bon voyage, Jrue. We’re pulling for you.

Now it’s time to discuss the guy the Sixers actually drafted after the H-bomb was dropped: Michael Carter Williams.

Williams, who is a childhood friend of Noel, was the obvious pick at 11 once Jrue was traded. A 6’6” point guard out of Syracuse, Williams is known as a slasher and distributor. Also, like Noel, Williams will need to improve his offensive game significantly as he transitions to the NBA.

So for the fans, I understand there’s a lot of intense, unexpected energy surrounding yesterday. I’d like to offer you the best advice possible on what to do with it. Find someone to medically induce you into a coma and come back next year.

There still will be some moves made, but with the draft done and no true valuable assets left to be traded, this will likely be the peak of excitement until next year’s draft.

Even if this season will be hard to watch, it’s nice to know that Hinkie’s committed to the right idea.

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