Sixers Negotiations with Bynum are Fantastic

bynum 5There was a nugget of news this evening that involved AP reporter Dan Gelston and Sixers’ free agent Andrew Bynum.

Gelston spoke with Bynum’s agent David Lee and revealed a few things. First, Bynum is basically as recovered as a 26 year old with a degenerative knee condition can be. He’ll be working out in Atlanta and be ready for the training camp.

Now, here’s the most important part. It seems as though the Sixers have negotiated with Bynum over a new contract and the odds of Bynum in Philly are….grim! Fucking GRIM! Woohoo! It makes me wanna dance a little.

The full quote:


This is about as good of news as there could be for the Sixers. This team isn’t getting cosmetic surgery, this is some Chris Rock Down to Earth shit.

Bynum has no place in this team’s future by nature of his degenerative knees. Once this team becomes a true contender, Bynum may be in worse shape than your ’92 Oldsmobile and without the memories of terrible sex.

This team is going to need three or four years to make them worthwhile again. The Sixers need to give Bynum’s money to role players, cheap holdover vets and prospects to get this train out of the station. Maybe find a coach who actually plays those prospects too?

Overall, while this is just a report, the importance comes from the fact that Bynum’s agent is the guy saying this. The guy who is paid to maximize Bynum’s value on the market has all but eliminated the team that has the capacity to pay him the most money.

Things must really be in the gutter between the new front office and the star turned black hole. Hooray!


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