With Bernier Trade, Bryz’s Future Remains Unknown

BryztronautYesterday afternoon the Toronto Maple Leafs made a deal with the LA Kings that sent goaltender Jonathan Bernier to Toronto.

For the Flyers, this is some rough news.

As explained the other day, Bernier would provide the Flyers with an opportunity to battle with Steve Mason as the teams starter and let the best man (Bernier) win. Bryz would get amnestied and the Flyers would soften their miserable cap situation.

Overall, this is a solid plan…that is never going to happen.

Since the team isn’t dead set on removing Bryz unless they can find a respectable player to pair with Mason we’ll likely wait til free agency for Bryz’s fate. In this way, the Flyers will be able to explore all of the options available and make sure the price tag is good for the team. Or, of course, horrible.

All that can be said at this point is that the Flyers have officially come to terms with the fact that things will not improve with Bryz in net. He obviously isn’t happy here and has a firm grip on the Jason Babin award as Philly’s most hated player. If they can find an option that doesn’t make Mason the unquestioned starter (ugh), then it’s time to pull the trigger.

This year is a buyer’s market for goalies. It’s a good time to retool and build a more stable cap and personnel situation for the future. Holmgren just has to not fuck it up.


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