Flyers Sign Streit to 4 Years $21 Million (UPDATE: Apparently it’s not official yet, but…)

It was always a matter of time until former Islander Mark Streit was signed, and now it seems that time has come.

Streit has been signed to a 4 year $21 million dollar contract, which also reportedly has a no-trade clause. For a 35 year-old defenseman that will be making $5.25 mil a year? That could really bite the Flyers in the ass.

We’ve already discussed the basics of the deal here when Streit was traded over. There’s also more in-depth analysis which you can catch in our podcast. Check back for that tomorrow.

Update 6/17 – 11:00p

The Flyers cannot officially amnesty Danny Briere or Ilya Bryzgalov until after the Stanley Cup Finals end, and because they currently sit at $2.5 million over the cap as-is, this deal cannot yet be officially completed. But it’s probably going to happen as soon as the team is actually allowed to do it. Maybe they will change their minds? Nah, that’s just wishful thinking. – Hank

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