Around the Cooler 06/17/13 – “It’s mid-June and all our teams are terrible…”

Here’s what we’re talking about:

“…and I’m going to buy a Breitling watch for each of my pet iguanas…”
Flyers defenseman Mark Streit musing about his newfound riches. (Not a real quote)
Image via 98.5 Sports

  • Rollin’ 3-deep today as Nick makes his triumphant return to the the Cooler
  • We note that the Phillies have six players under contract for 2014, at a total salary of $103.5M, then suggest that they all get traded (0:00)
  • We break news to ourselves (at the time) that Mark Streit agreed to a 4-year, $21M contract with the Flyers and discuss cap implications moving forward. Can this team afford to keep Giroux, Schenn, and Couturier for 2014 and beyond? (27:00)

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Awesome musical theme written by the awesome Matthew Schwalm

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