Some Good News and Bad News

jrue and thadThe Sixers had a bit of minor, but pleasant news yesterday.

All Star point guard Jrue Holiday being named one of the participants in the Team USA basketball mini-camp. Selected amongst names like Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Demarcus Cousins, and Damian Lillard it seems like Jrue has earned the respect of his peers after four NBA seasons.

The camp is very much a preliminary adventure—World Championships aren’t until next summer—but having Jrue get some time in with other up-and-coming players can only be beneficial despite the fact that he probably won’t make the roster. With a team that needs this much work, you take all of the positive you can.

If you’d like to look at the entire group of invited players, check it out here.

Jason Peters made the news for all of the wrong reasons.

As you’ve likely heard at this point, Jason Peters was arrested after being caught drag racing by police in Monroe, LA. Instead of pulling over like someone with any sense, Peters elected to try outrunning the police in his Camaro. You know, “allegedly.”

It’s reported that Peters drove his car over 100 mph while trying to evade police before eventually giving up and stopping in a mall parking lot. The other driver had pulled over almost immediately.

While this is an incredibly dumb move by Peters, everything should be fine from a football standpoint. The chances that he faces any serious legal penalties outside of a big fine are slim. The only real concern is whether or not the league decides to suspend him, which again is unlikely.  Players pull of worse shit all of the time and manage to get away without losing paychecks.

For example, there’s likely nothing that will happen to Maurice Jones-Drew despite the fact that lots of evidence allegedly proves him guilty of battery against a bouncer.

So if you expect good behavior from your athletes feel free to wag a finger, but otherwise it’s news without virtually any impact. Peters will be the starter this year regardless.

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