Chip Kelly’s Effect On The Top Fantasy Football Options On The Eagles

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Whenever a new coach takes over a team in the NFL, changes will be made. Chip Kelly is a different type of coach, so a lot of people think a lot of changes will be happening in Philadelphia these next couple of years. From a fantasy football perspective, how will those changes affect production? Here’s a look at the top five players, and whether they will be better or worse under Kelly.

LeSean McCoy

Last season was a rough one for McCoy, who struggled with inconsistencies and a concussion. However, 2013 should be a great chance for him to bounce back, as Kelly’s fast offense will allow him to get a lot of touches with space. As long as the passing game is somewhat consistent, McCoy will see a slight increase in production with Kelly at the helm.
Jeremy Maclin

Like any wide receiver, Maclin’s production will come down to the quarterback throwing him passes. Kelly’s offense should benefit him though, because he has the physical tools to make big-time plays. This might be the year he finally puts it all together as a true #1 receiver, especially since he is playing in a contract season.
DeSean Jackson

One looks at Jackson’s speed and natural ability and thinks Kelly would make him a star. However, one thing a coach can’t do is teach a guy how to go over the middle. If Jackson can’t do that, his receiving numbers will not be any better than last season. Injuries are also a concern for Jackson, as he missed the last five games of the season in 2012. His numbers might go up simply because he is healthy, but Jackson won’t be able to benefit from Kelly.

Bryce Brown

Jackson is a wide receiver who can’t go over the middle, and Brown is a running back who can’t run up the gut. He is one of the top #2 running backs in the NFL, but with McCoy healthy, it just seems unlikely that he will be better in 2013. You must handcuff Brown if you take McCoy, but don’t expect a better year with Kelly calling the shots.
Michael Vick

Finally, the most intriguing player on the roster when it comes to the new coach is Michael Vick. He seems to be a nice fit for Kelly, but at 33 years old, can his body hold up to run a fast-paced offense?

The emphasis with Vick on the field will be the read-option, which means more rushing yards. He must stay healthy to have success in fantasy football 2013, which is something he has struggled with his entire time in Philadelphia. He won’t return to prime Vick, but Kelly will make him better. Look for the lefty signal caller to be good enough to hold onto the starting job this season, but not good enough to prevent offseason debate going into 2014.

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