Phillies Go Offensive in Draft

Is Crawford the next this guy? Cross your fingers. No, I mean it. Do it now!

Is Crawford the next this guy? Cross your fingers. No, I mean it. Do it now!

In what is probably the least hyped draft in professional sports, the MLB (non-super) draft began last night.

The Phillies selected SS J.P. Crawford with the 16th overall pick in draft. An 18 year-old California native, is projected to be a player that resembles Philly’s 1996 pick Jimmy Rollins. Here’s what assistant GM Marti Wolever had to say:

“Physically, I just think he has to fill out a little bit and grow into his body a little bit more. We think down the road he is a .280, .290 hitter in the middle of the infield with a chance to steal some bases. He’s just got tremendous instincts for the game, which for a young guy is going to enable him to do some things that others wouldn’t be able to do at this time.”

For a little reference, Rollins is a career .270 hitter.

Now Crawford has committed to USC and could theoretically reject the Phillies offer in order to play college ball for a year, it’s probably not going to happen. Assume that Crawford’s going to sign in the near future and begin the long, troublesome climb out the minor leagues and into our hearts (aww). From there, depending on how Crawford develops both technically and physically, he could spend some time experimenting in center field as well. as icing on the cake, his cousin is Carl Crawford.

With their second round pick, the Phillies selected C Andrew Knapp out of Cal. Knapp, who batted .350 for the Golden Bears with eight home runs this year, will provide some needed youth to a very old position. Ruiz (34), Kratz (33) and Quintero (33) provide no future for the position whatsoever. The 21 year-old Knapp is also listed as a utility man, which means he could be moving around a bit as well in the minors if he struggles catching for more advanced pitchers.


For the rest of your info the draft as it progresses, check out or check back here once the draft is complete for a full recap.

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