Big Day for the Phillies Today

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Today is a important day for the Phillies for both long and short-term.

For those of you with the visual strength of a 90 year-old cyclops, the Phillies are playing the 22-36 Brewers today for the chance to be over .500 for the first time all year. Right-hander Tyler Cloyd will take the mound against Wily Peralta and hope to keep the good vibes of this season-high four game winning streak alive.

At this point in the year, it may seem like only a minor achievement in your quest for all of the gamer points in Call of Duty. For the team however, this will continue the trend of excising some nagging demons. Just in these last few games we’ve seen improved production at the plate from Ryan Howard, a spectacular performance from John Mayberry Jr., and a much needed win for Cole Hamels in a tight game.

All of this, paired with an easy June schedule, means that the team needs to capitalize right now if they want to be considered even a remote contender going forward. None of this “I hit the button and he didn’t shoot!” stuff.

For you telescopically trained visual specimens, today is the MLB draft (it may been hard to know given that there wasn’t three months of useless speculation and rumor mongering). The Phillies will be selecting 16th overall today and hoping desperately to not fuck this up given the state of the team. However, regardless of who they pick, remember that it is baseball so the expectations for a pick are that they won’t be able to compete professionally for a few years.

Here’s what assistant general manager of amateur scouting Marti Wolever had to say: “There is no one at 16, in my estimation, that we could take that would impact the club this year or next year. 2015, that’s a bit of a stretch.”

Now while the impact is obviously much slower than most professional leagues, the power of the farm system can lead to great things.  Whether you develop guys like Howard, Hamels, and Chase Utley or trade for guys like Doc Halladay and Cliff Lee farm system players can become great power pieces in building franchises.

So check back tomorrow and we’ll update you on the next Tywin Lannister to wear the majestic Iron Pigs uniform.


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