Here comes the Bride. Let’s get her!

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Recently, what has become a big story round the NovaCare complex is that new addition Cary Williams and tackle Jason Peters have not been at the team’s organized team activities. “They’re getting paid millions of dollars. They should get their asses over there” is a common theme.

And it’s stupid.

Cary Williams, the 26 year-old who hasn’t missed a game in the last two seasons, wasn’t in attendance because he is getting his new life together. Williams just got married and chose to monitor the building of his new house and enjoy some time with his new spouse by watching his daughter’s recital instead of attending optional practices. Jason Peters has missed the same voluntary practices over the last few weeks for unidentified personal reasons as well.

For anyone that this bothers…do you have a recital of your own coming up?

Imagine you’re in high school, you have a Latin final coming up and you’re good at it. Meaning you know that Julius Caesar wasn’t some guy who just happened to love pizza on a stick. Would you go to an optional review session? Probably not. You’ll study on your own terms for the time being—and maybe eat pizza on a stick.

In this case, Williams doesn’t want to go to work when he doesn’t have to either. And the only reason for him likely not being there is he wants to enjoy some free time with his new wife while he can before football takes over his life for the majority of the year. Is that really something to be mad about? When practices are voluntary?

And while Jason Peters is out for whatever the personal reason may be, do you really doubt his ability to come in a play like a stud tackle for the start of the season when he could have played last year and still has all of the mandatory minicamps, training camp and the preseason to prepare?

We all love the Eagles, guys, and of course we want them to succeed; but the regular season isn’t until September 9th. If you blamed anything in that game on missing a few practices in May it would be absolutely laughable.

Put the pitchfork down. It’s going to be ok.

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