Phillies are a Third of a Long Way

photo via the700level

photo via the700level

With 54 games in the books, the Phillies have officially completed a third of their season. Given that we’ve now hit this milestone, it’s time for a good old-fashioned recap!

The Basics:

Record: 26-28

Run Differential: -47

Division Standing: Third

Atlanta 32-21
Washington 27-27
Phillies 26-28
New York 22-29
Miami 13-41

Division Record Breakdown:

Team W L
Atlanta 1 2
Miami 6 4
New York 5 1
Washington 1 2
TOTAL 13 9

*Note: 11 wins came from the Marlins and Mets. Even worse, the Phils gave up four wins to the Marlins, who have a total of just 13.

Batting Notes:

Best Batting Average: Chase Utley (.272)

Worst Average: Freddy Galvis (.223)

Most Home Runs: Dom Brown (13)

Most Walks: Michael Young (24)

– Min. 100 Plate Appearances –

Pitching Notes:

Best Starter ERA: Cliff Lee (2.34)

Worst Starter ERA: Roy Halladay (8.65)

Most Strikeouts: Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels (63)

Most Walks: Cole Hamels (25)

Fielding notes:

Most Errors: Jimmy Rollins (7)

What We Learned:

  1. First and foremost, the Doc Halladay reign of dominance is over. Despite showing glimmers of the stud that we knew, Doc’s body didn’t hold up. He’s potentially out for the year after getting surgery on his right shoulder and may never pitch for the Phillies again.
  2. Chase Utley is exactly what we expected. He started off the year as the Phillies’ most consistent hitter, yet he’s also constantly in bed with the injury bug. This time he could be out for an entire month after a strained right oblique.
  3. Dom Brown is becoming a reliable member of the team, despite lots of early season doubts. In his first full season as a day to day starter Brown is batting .267 while leading the team in homers (13) and RBIs (32).
  4. Kyle Kendrick has become a third starter. Through 11 starts thus far, the 28 year old’s posted an ERA of 3.37 while earning 5 wins—one of which being a complete game shutout against the Mets.
  5. The Phillies relief pitching has not improved at all from last year. Out of the five most-used relievers, three have ERAs over 4.0 (Horst, Durbin, Aumont)
  6. Ben Revere has a very, very weak arm in the outfield.
  7. Delmon Young is a poor fielder, he’s slow, doesn’t consistently get on base, and hits the occasional home run. Not that this is a surprise, but seeing it regularly confirms the suspicion.
  8. Manuel is likelier by the day to get fired at the end of the season.
  9. This team sucks at small ball. They are 25th in the league in walks (139) and despite an average number of stolen bases (29) they have been caught stealing 13 times, which is 5th most in the league.

Do you have any predictions for the next 54 games? Let us know in the comments!
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