Et tu, Rube?

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In what appears to be big news for the Phillies, second baseman Cesar Hernandez has been called up to the big leagues. The temporary promotion comes from the placement on Michael Young on the Bereavement list, which designates that he will miss between three and seven games.

As a result, you would think that the Phillies are taking this opportunity to get a closer look at their future by bringing up one of their best prospects. The 23 year old Hernandez is batting .305/.382/.428 for the year in Lehigh Valley and the Phillies are a team that’s set to light the fuse. So, maybe this would be Hernandez’s chance to get extended reps at second while Chase Utley (a man on the way out) is recovering on the DL. The Phillies are a big ol’ stinker this year anyway.

However, this move is really nothing to get excited about. Here’s why:

“I’m going to play him. It might be hard for him to stay on the team . . . when Utley gets back, but who knows? Things happen in baseball. He might really show us he can play.” – Charlie Manuel

Quite the glowing endorsement from the skipper there. Now, how does Ruben Amaro feel?

“I don’t know how many opportunities he’ll have to play. Hopefully, it gives us a chance to see what he can do. You never know how guys are going to react their first time in the big leagues. But he’s a talented kid.” – Ruben Amaro

Man, thanks for turning a wet blanket into a SARS blanket, Rube. Outside of Domonic Brown putting it together, this is the best peek we can get at the Phillies future and it seems like there’s no expectation for him to perform well at all. It could mean that Young will only take about three games off or that Hernandez will get a start or two, but he isn’t viewed as an experimental day-to-day option yet regardless of how long he stays on the roster.

So, while the move sounds exciting and a few Phillies games will be worth watching this week or so, don’t get your hopes up.

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