Short and Sweet on the Phillies


Posted on May 28, 2013, in Posts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. The Phillies are a team that is due for a huge makeover, starting with the infield, pitching(starting/relief). The biggest piece that needs to be moved is Chase Utley, not only does he draw the most teams to the table, but the biggest BANG for prospects in return. Next on the list is to finally say goodbye to the “King of Pop-Up” Jimmy Rollins, and honestly I could carless who the Phillies get for him because they already have a valuable replacement in Freddy Galvis, who should be in the starting lineup. Which brings me to Michael Young who is in a slump, but would be a solid bat for a team that needs one, again someone who isn’t going to draw top notch prospects, but someone good enough to get the Phillies a couple solid additions to a famished farm system.

    Pitching is a tough one, because you have a loyal guy in Cliff Lee who really has made Philadelphia his home, and is also someone great to have in the locker room, but is also your biggest draw as a pitcher assuming that Cole Hamals is off the market, which hopefully the Phillies are smart enough to do. Lee would bring a solid prospect here to Philadelphia only if the trade is made before the deadline, because his value will drop in the offseason tremendously due to his age and another full-season on his arm. Looking into the Bullpen if your going to move guys there you have two rock-solid guys in Jonathan Papelbon and Mike Adams who would both draw solid prospects for the Phillies if they were to go all-in and blow the top off of this underachieving team.

    Simply enough, this team is going nowhere fast with the players and the coaching staff on it now, time for change and Ruben Amaro might be able to save his ass if he plays his cards right.

  2. Amen

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