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After giving the new draft class a chance to simmer, we spoke to our friends from 3D Philly Sports (who you can find on Facebook and Twitter) to see how they feel about the new haul of picks. This time, we get the low down from 3D’s Dave Bennett. If you’re looking for my answers, then check it out over here!

Who was your favorite draft pick?

My favorite pick is 5th rounder Earl Wolff. He has all of the “unteachables” you could ask for; the size, speed, and athleticism to be a solid safety at the next level. The best part is he can sit and develop for a year, which no other safety’s really had the chance to do while Andy Reid and Company were running the show. Nate Allen was a second rounder but should have been given a year to learn the game and develop physically with a full year of a pro workout regiment. Wolff will get this opportunity and a player who is over 6 feet tall and runs in the low 4.4 range, I’m happy with that. Other players will clearly have more immediate benefit but long term he has the opportunity to become a key piece in this defense for a number of years.

What late round pick/unrestricted free agent pushes for playing time? (Rd 4-7)

Jordan Poyer was a 7th rounder who fell out of favor because of ONE off the field citation. Long and short of it he was at a bar and wasn’t supposed to be there, got kicked out and went back. This was a few years ago and not having a single issue since then is telling that he learned his lesson and isn’t walking down the wrong path. Poyer is 6 feet even and was over 190 lbs at the combine, aka he fits the mold of  the corners Chip is looking for. Not to mention this kid improved his game year over year at Oregon State. If he hadn’t had his ONE off field issue he probably goes in round 3 or 4 easily. Another player who can benefit from learning/growing for a year but also could be a great special teamer this season with the ability to come in for injury relief. However he has the ability to push for starting snaps, especially if/when Carey Williams has nuclear mental breakdown this season.

If you could have taken someone else outside of the first round who would it have been?

I’ve written about Margus Hunt, who went 53rd overall to the Bengals, multiple times already, beating the drum in hopes the Eagles would take him. He tied or beat 3rd overall pick Dion Jordan in virtually every combine category. Hunt is also 30 lbs heavier and inch shorter than Jordan. I’m not a combine warrior type of  but this kid is way more than that. He’s won a junior Olympic Gold in the discus and shotput a few years back. That shows he has the ability to commit himself fully and get the most out of himself. Translate that over to football, with his size and athleticism, he’s going to be an impact player. Bonus to this player is he blocked 17 field goals in his few years at SMU, 17! That averages more than 5 blocked FG a season. No TEAM in the NFL averages that many blocked FG in a season.

What is your overall grade of the draft and why?

I’d give this draft a B. I think that Chip Kelly got the players that he wanted to build with in the first 3 rounds, Matt Barkley falling all the way to the 4th was nice surprise and adds competition at the qb position for a few years at least. Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, and Bennie Logan should all be nice players, not dominant but nice players. I’m excited about some of the late round picks as evident in the above responses. Just like every other draft though there will be some hits and misses, the key is have more hits than misses, something this team has lacked over the past few drafts.

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