Eagles Release QB Trent Edwards

The man who took Edwards' job. photo via skylarsraiders.wordpress.com

The man who took Edwards’ job.
photo via skylarsraiders.wordpress.com

With the Eagles’ first minicamps opening today, the team has reduced their stable of throwers by setting Trent Edwards loose.

Last season Edwards was a great choice as a 3rd string QB. He’s smart, mildly athletic, and has starting experience. This is all you could ask for from an emergency option. However, things are different this year with Andy Reid now bathing himself in smokey barbecue sauce.

Michael Vick is likely going to be the starter. Nick Foles will play the role of the hunky newcomer that creates lots of “will they, won’t they (trade him)” drama and Dennis Dixon is the mentor of sorts for Kelly’s new system. There’s also G.J. Kinne, the longshot who provides the fourth camp arm. This means that Edwards is the odd man out and that the Eagles likely shopped him for scraps, but found no takers. Releasing him was the only reasonable course of action left.

While Edwards was in Philly for only one season, it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy. He’s spent four years with the Bills, a year with the Jaguars, and suffered through one of the ugliest years for the Birds in over a decade. I hope he gets a gig on a decent team for once.

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