What the Eagles Cap Space Means for the Future

According to a report from ProFootballTalk, the Eagles are listed as having $26.3 million dollars in cap room. That’s the 5th most space in the entire league and it makes me dance like a seven year-old who’s told to hold it during phonics.

Why? Cap space is everything in this league.

During the first decade of the Reid era the Eagles were a perfect example of the importance of cap space. By signing younger players to long (sometimes seven-year) contracts and losing veterans too soon rather than paying them big bucks and watching them decline, the team had tons of flexibility as a result. For example, this strategy allowed for the Birds to sign Asante Samuel, who had a great carreer in Philly.

The fans, me included, would be very angry at Joe Banner from time to time for beloved vets, but the truth held that this was one of the best franchises in the league from 2000-2011. The Eagles simply won games.

When you look at the franchise as it stands now, it seems that Roseman has carried over that cap conscious mentality, which will do wonders for the team long-term. We’ve already explained how the recent free agent signings work in this philosophy, so consider the recent losers from in-state: the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers have had to restructure 14 contracts since the lockout ended. By doing so, they keep pushing more and more money down the line and ultimately had to let their best offensive weapon in Mike Wallace sign elsewhere because they couldn’t afford him. Receiver Emmanuel Sanders could leave via free agency as well, which severely damages the team’s offensive future. Conversely, they can’t afford young talent from other teams, which paints a fairly bleak picture overall.

With all of the cap room that the Eagles have, they are capable of anything, and could be players for any free agents or trade targets over the next few years. What’s that you say? Darrelle Revis is on the block? The Eagles can look into that. Jimmy Graham could be a free agent next year? He’s an option that the team can explore as well.

That’s the beauty of the cap and why it’s so pivotal for such a young team in a rebuilding phase. Anything is possible. With $26.3 million in cap room Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman have every opportunity to succeed in Philadelphia if they play their cards right.

So far, they have.

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