Briere “Out Indefinitely” with Concussion

Uh oh, where have we seen this before?

Sam Carchidi reports that Briere failed to finish Friday’s practice after crashing hard into the boards, and he has been sidelined indefinitely with a concussion. Nick Grossman is also out with the ever-informative “upper body injury” designation.

It’s a tough break for the 4-time 30 goal scorer, who was already having a terrible run this season and was just demoted to the 3rd line. The injury effectively kills any chance for the Flyers to trade Briere (and his $6.5 million-per-season salary) to a playoff contender before the NHL trade deadline in 9 days. 

Conspiracy theorists will be quick to point out that the concussion comes at a suspicious time. Although Briere technically doesn’t have to go anywhere – there is a no-movement clause in his contract that he would have to waive in order to be traded – such clauses haven’t meant much to the Flyers front office in recent seasons. This injury effectively ends any inkling of a chance that he’ll be moved this year, as it’s almost certain a playoff-contending team won’t take a chance on the 35 year old if he isn’t completely recovered. Briere has expressed his desire to continue playing with the Flyers, and such a stunt would ensure it.

Still, I don’t know the man personally, but it seems outlandish that he would fake an injury just to stick around with a Flyers team that’s earned more points than just four other teams. In any case, it looks like the lines we saw in the 2-1 OT loss against Pittsburgh are probably going to stick for a little while.

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