Sixers Cheat Sheet: 3/7 – 3/13

jrueWhile the 2012-2013 Sixers’ season coasts towards an end, the team is handling business as usual. In this case, meaning that still nothing makes sense. After playing with the Heat through three quarters the Sixers lost the contest in 4th, followed by another loss to the Magic and a shocking 106-97 win over the Nets at home. We don’t understand it either.

With 19 games left to play, the Sixers are now 24-39.

Playoff Picture:

Seed Team Record Gms. Left
7 Atlanta 34-29 19
8 Milwaukee 32-30 20
Toronto 25-39 18
Sixers 24-39 19


  • Arnett Moultrie was starting to get consistent minutes off of the bench, then Doug Collins woke up and decided we don’t need to a evaluate a young, talented big when we have studs like Damien Wilkins…
  • Jrue Holiday is in a bit of a slump. But seems to be coming out of it a little bit, or at least not forcing it, after good outings against Miami and Brooklyn
  • Nick Young is still out with a sprained ankle.

More after the break…

Trending: Horizontally. True to Sixers  form over the past decade, they are bad, but not willing to be bad enough to truly reboot. They did win a game this week, which even when tanking, is bound to happen eventually. But they seem unwilling to tank, unwilling to evaluate their young talent (see: Moultrie, Arnett). Instead they’ll coast into the lottery with a 9-10 overall pick in a weak draft, and we’ll be mediocre to sorta-bad again next year.

Quote of the Week: 

“…for you ping pong addicts, our grueling schedule: 18 games left 6 home 12 on the road, 9 vs. 1st or 2nd place teams.” – @SixersCEOAdam (Adam Aron)

Highlight of the Week:

Upcoming Schedule:

3/16 vs Indiana   7:30 pm
3/18  vs Portland   7:00 pm
3/20 at Los Angeles Clippers 10:30 pm

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