Sixers Cheat Sheet: 2/28 – 3/6

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta HawksThe Sixers season had already begun to take a turn from bad to ugly, but now it seems like the next step is rock bottom. The team followed a surprising win over the Golden State Warriors with a head scratching loss to the Wizards and ended up 1-3 for the week. The team is now 23-36. However, that’s not the worst of the Sixers’ troubles…


– The tank is on as the Sixers continue to plummet like a stone

– Bynum and management weight the options of him undergoing what would be, officially, season ending knee surgery to clear out loose cartilage

– Promising rookie Arnett Moultrie continues to be, well promising. Now with Collins giving him minutes to work with off the bench.

– Jrue Holiday suffers through worst slump of the season, going hitting only 13 of his last 48 shots.

More after the break…

Playoff Picture:

Rank Team Record Games left
7 Boston 32-27 23
8 Milwaukee 30-28 24
Sixers 23-36 23
Toronto 23-38 21
Detroit 23-39 20

Trending: Down: which at this point is actually a good thing. The Sixers are so confounding they have reversed the meaning of this trend. They have lost 9 of their last 10 games, and most have not even been close, that’s the down part. But, being all but mathematically eliminated from the postseason (that distinction should come any day now), they are, and should be, playing for ping pong balls and the draft lottery. Loosing will certainly help there. Unfortunately, they are loosing in the most atrociously unwatchable way imaginable. I will watch almost anything NBA related (check my league pass history, you’ll find some Magic vs. Bucks games watched) but this is pushing me to the limit. Only 22 more to go…

Quotes of the Week:

“This is a move that should have worked. But, unfortunately, he got an injury in September and it’s been compounded since, post-trade and we haven’t seen a day. The fans hopes were justifiably high that the Sixers had made a move, a bold move, that would catapult us back into the top teams in the NBA. It hasn’t worked.” – Adam Aron, Sixers CEO

Highlight of the Week:

Upcoming Schedule:

3/6 @ Atlanta  7:30 pm
3/8 @ Miami  8:00 pm
3/10 @ Orlando 6:00 pm
3/11 vs Brooklyn  7:00 pm

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