Sixers Cheat Sheet 2/20 – 2/27 (Starting off on the wrong foot)

That look about sums it up.

That look about sums it up.

No, your eyes have not deceived you. Just as we run a Flyers Cheat Sheet, we’ll now be doing a Sixers Cheat Sheet throughout the rest of the season! Enjoy!

The Sixers went into the All-Star Break with a record of 22-29, a two game losing streak, and an outside view of the playoffs. So, with Bynum allegedly returning after the break, would the Sixers be able to get it together?

The answer so far is no.

The Sixers went 0-4 against Minnesota, Miami, New York, and Orlando and fell to a 22-33 record while Bynum still rehabs his ailing knees.

Much much more after the break: 

Playoff Picture:

Rk. Team Record Gms. Remaining
7 Boston 30-27 25
8 Milwaukee 27-28 27
Toronto 23-34 25
Sixers 22-33 27
Detroit 22-37 23


  • The Sixers were offered a deal for Josh Smith at the trade deadline and declined.
  • Instead the Sixers traded a second round pick for point guard Charles Jenkins.
  • Andrew Bynum is practicing with the rest of the team now and is inching closer to a return.
  • Thaddeus Young returned to the line-up after suffering a hamstring injury.

Trending: D-O-W-N. Way down.  The Sixers apparently think all-star break is still going on. They trailed by 20 or more against the Timberwolves, Heat, Knicks and Magic (!!!!) in their first 4 games back. Trailing big against the Heat is understandable, the Knicks, slightly less so and it’s simply unacceptable against an injury ravaged and Kevin Love-less Wolves team. Oh and that Magic loss? Coming in the Magic were the 2nd worst team in the NBA at a lowly 15-41. They had lost 17 of their previous 18 games. Apparently, though,they weren’t bad enough and rolled the lowly Sixers before an anemic home crowd. At least the 2013 draft is one of the weakest in memory, so we have that to look forward to…oh wait…

Quotes of the Week: 

“Holiday is a great player, but he needs some help” – LeBron James

“We are working the phones, but I don’t think we’ll be doing anything major. If we do something, it will be minor. But it doesn’t look like we’ll take on any big salaries or anything like that.” -Tony DiLeo

Also, this:

Highlight of the Week: Doug. Collins. Went. Off. 

Upcoming Schedule:

2/28 @ Bulls   8:00 pm
3/2 vs Warriors 7:00 pm
3/3 @ Wizards 6:00 pm
3/5 vs Celtics 7:00 pm

Phillies F4

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