Eagles Begin Remolding Early; Release Two

Get the flock out!

Get the flock out!

It was assumed that the Eagles would be reshaping the roster and making some moves. However, the emphasis is on the wrong guy.

Amidst rumors of Nnamdi Asomugha being told to take a pay cut or be released, it’s being reported that the Eagles have released both Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins.

Mike Patterson, who was the first round draft pick of the Eagles in 2005, has been a quality starter since 2006. However, he is most likely a casualty of the new defensive system in addition to his salary cap hit. As a smaller, non-pass rushing DT Patterson is more equipped to fit in a 4-3 scheme and will likely be a target for the Chiefs.

For the Eagles, Patterson’s release will relieve the team of just over four million dollars in salary and will not have any dead money. He was under contract until 2016.

In regards to Cullen Jenkins, the move is purely financial. He is due $5.5 million this year and would make another $2.75 million next year. At age 32, it’s clear that he wasn’t a part of the teams long-term plans.

While the Eagles will have lost $1.5 million in dead money this year for Jenkins’ release, they’ll create another four million dollars in cap space to put toward a new roster.

For a team in a rebuilding year, and yes, this is a rebuilding year, it’s good news for the Birds to clean house with veterans like these in order to get a true fresh start.

And speaking of fresh starts, the free agent class for defensive linemen is limited. I expect that the Eagles will make an offer to a few cheaper veterans that would help transition the team, but nothing more. This year is considered to be a deep draft class for defensive lineman and the Eagles could be looking to take one as early as the fourth overall pick. However, it’s too early to say for sure at this point if they will.

Phillies F4

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