Spencer Hawes gets Mozgov’d, Sixers host dunk contest early [Video]

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers

*Note: this post contains graphic content, unintentional comedy and morbid comedy* 

If you didn’t catch the Sixers vs. Clippers game last night…GOOD. The following clips (no pun intended) are all you missed. And you’ll notice they are not Sixers-centric.


Oh god Spencer…I’m so sorry. A quick chemical wash and, god willing, you could may make a full recovery…

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s more, so much more. After the break:

Adding insult to shattered pride and, likely, chest cavity, this happened ON THE FREETHROW GRIFFIN WAS TAKING FOR GETTING FOULED ON THAT DUNK!!!

Then, almost immediately after that, this happened. Note the completely disorganized Sixers wandering aimlessly around doing anything but boxing out.

On the bright side (hahah) Deandre Jordan did see fit to do something stupid.

Seriously though, an embarrassing night by the Sixers, take it from someone who was in attendance[1], just not a good game, no effort and letting another team do that to ya…

In case you were wondering about all the other nasty dunks that were perpetrated upon the lowly 7-6 last night, here ya go:

[1] Yes, I was sitting in The Farg for all of this. Which give me one additional gripe: Why do they never show in-hour replays of amazing plays the other team performs? I know it’s a home crowd and we’re supposed to be for the home team and all, but sometimes, like on this night, the other team does some amazing, “what just happened there” plays. When that happens, everyone in the arena, home fan or not, wants to see it again. My dad and I sat there incredulously as they refused to put Blake’s dunk up on the Jumbotron. Arenas, STOP DOING THIS, replay amazing plays. That is all

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