Report: Eagles Hire Billy Davis as Defensive Coordinator

Photo via ProFootballTalk

Photo via ProFootballTalk

In other words, meh. Davis is frankly nothing special. I’ll provide a more in-depth analysis tomorrow, but here’s the general idea.

Davis has been a defensive coordinator twice in the NFL. His first stint was in San Francisco for 2005 and 2006 and then again for Arizona in 2009 and 2010. Note both of those jobs only stuck for two years and neither of the two gigs were cut short by a change in regime. So, great news there.

To make matters worse, the Eagles interviewed with Davis two weeks ago. This means they knew full well what he brought to the table and weren’t jumping at the opportunity to add him to the staff.

It also probably isn’t a coincidence that the hiring happens a day after reports emerged of the 49ers blocking interviews with Ed Donatell. He was likely the guy that Kelly desired.

Now, in terms of scheme, this is the definitive move that demonstrates the Eagles’ intentions to run a 3-4 scheme. Davis has been a 3-4 coach throughout his entire career and will absolutely run that system here. Therefore, pay attention to certain vets that could be elsewhere. For example, Trent Cole.

Cole will make $5.3 million this season and may not want to transition to a 3-4 outside linebacker. There are a few teams that would be willing to add a solid defensive end to their roster and, at 30 years old, Cole still has a few solid years left in him.

For now, we wait for the official confirmation from the Birds—if they actually decide to confirm it publicly—and hope for the best from Davis going forward….whatever that may be.

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