Freddy Adu to Hit the Road

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Today Philadelphia Union manager John Hackworth wrote an open letter to the fans. In the letter, which you can read here, he details the general direction and mentality of the organization going during the offseason. However, what’s rather surprising is the stunningly direct response to the status of Union forward Freddy Adu.

Hackworth says:

“Basically, to make a very long story short, we presented Freddy with an option to come back and play for the Philadelphia Union. However, Freddy chose to stick with his current contract, which was not an option we were willing to accept. At the moment, Freddy has not been sold nor loaned and he continues to be our player, but in reality, while we are paying his salary and while we have his rights – he is not a part of our plans going forward. We have a number of challenges because of moves we have made in the past couple of years that affect us long-term and frankly, Freddy Adu is a major one. The next step for him is one that we have been trying to work on since October, which is to see if there is a viable option to sell or loan him that makes sense for our organization and for Freddy.”

Part of the issue has to do with production. Over the course of last season Adu played in 24 games (starting 20) and produced a total of five goals and one assist.

The other issue is pay. Adu is the highest paid player on the team by a large margin, which is why Hackworth hoped to renegotiate the deal in the first place. However, with Adu refusing, there is not other option but to part ways.

Adu joined the Union on August 12, 2011 as an interesting prospect. He had signed with D.C. United at the age of fourteen, had already played on the international level, and was only 22 years old. That-paired with name recognition-made Adu the type of signing that was worth the risk.

Despite the fit, Adu ultimately wasn’t an overly effective member of the club and seemed to have chemistry issues after two seasons in Philadelphia. Now he’ll either be loaned, sold, or traded.

With this move, Hackworth will have the opportunity to truly make the team his own. He took over as interim manager on June 13th after the club parted ways with Piotr Novak and was named full-time manager after the season. Since then, Hackworth coached the team to a 9-13-4 record and returned the formerly exiled fan-favorite Sebastian LeToux from the rival Red Bulls. By moving Adu as well, it looks like things are headed in the right direction for the long-term success of the franchise.

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