Just Shut Up: Eagles Coaching Search Edition

This post is going to make a lot of you mad. I don’t care. Think on your sins.

Are you disappointed that the Eagles haven’t hired Jon Gruden yet? Angry that they had the audacity to not just speak to but fail to sign three successful college coaches? Concerned that the public pursuit of said coaches is becoming embarrassing for a franchise that clearly doesn’t know what it’s doing?

Just shut the hell up. You sound like a petulant fool.

Let’s break this down a bit.

First, why is it such a bad thing that the Eagles weren’t one of the earliest teams to sign a coach? It’s not like they’ve lost out to another team with any candidate yet. They weren’t in the market for Doug Marrone or Rob Chudzinski, the two men who will take charge of the Bills and Browns, respectively. The only other coach who has signed so far? Andy Reid. Did you want him back for another 5 years? Did you really? Just shut up.

Second, although they pursued three high-profile college coaches, the Eagles are probably better off having not signed any of them. Each of these guys has significant warts. Chip Kelly runs a system (read-option) that doesn’t fit the guys who will be on the roster next year (Nick Foles is not a runner, Vick probably gets the ax). Bill O’Brien came with both a vastly inflated price tag thanks to his multi-million dollar contract buyout and the potential PR nightmare from the segment of the fan base who have overlapping loyalty to both the Birds and the Nittany Lions. Brian Kelly made a lot out of a roster at a school with limited recruitment potential (at least compared to the SEC), but got stomped on the national stage by Nick Saban’s Storm Troopers Crimson Tide. Were you honestly, truly, 100% sold on any of these guys as the right answer for the Eagles next year? Just shut up.

Finally, have you heard the name Gus Bradley yet? By all accounts, he is the guy the Eagles are really targeting, and his reputation fits the bill. He is a fiery guy who has gotten some serious defensive production out of a Seattle roster that hardly scared anybody in the NFC West at the beginning of the season, much less the whole league. But even if he isn’t the guy, there are still other good candidates out there, and probably a few who we’ve never even heard of. Hell, Reid wasn’t even a coordinator when he became HC. He was the quarterbacks coach.

My point is that, just because they haven’t signed a guy yet doesn’t mean there isn’t a guy for the job. It just means that the timing or the fit hasn’t been right yet. Hell, Bradley was still in the playoffs at the time this post was written, and Mike McCoy only became officially available yesterday when Denver lost. Are you certain that the Eagles’ delay hasn’t simply been the result of the playoffs holding up a potential hire? Or are you just the 4-year old in Toys R Us sobbing over a toy that’s out of stock? Yes you can have it, but can’t have it today. Just shut up.

Patience is a virtue, people, and especially so when it comes to a decision like head coach. Like drafting a 1st round quarterback, making the right decision can make a franchise while the wrong one can sink it for 5 years. Lurie has arguably ‘succeeded’ his last two coaching searches. Ray Rhodes had two 10-win seasons before that team fell apart, and the next guy up was Reid. That’s really not a bad track record.

The Eagles are, y’know, a billion dollar franchise in the nation’s 4th largest media market, so it’s not like they can’t afford to back up the Brinks truck for the right guy. And as far as embarrassment goes, they aren’t even in the same universe as the Jets right now. The roster is bad, but it’s not a total disaster and by all accounts the 2012 draft was the Eagles’ best in years. Reid and the front office almost always had an amicable relationship, which probably means a lot to a potential hire. There are good reasons for coaches to want to come here.

All that said, if the Eagles go out and invest in this mistake…

…I’ll just shut up.

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  1. I read this entire thing in your voice.

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