New Year’s Resolutions: 76ers

Happy New Year

What excitement will the the new year bring for the 76ers?

There’s really not much the Sixers can do, which can be pretty annoying.

This appears to be a fairly pedestrian team and one that is slightly worse than those from years past.

With much respect to Ransom, I don’t think the Sixers are going to contend for a top draft pick with the current group. Really, if the end goal is a core built around Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Thad Young, Lavoy Allen, and two difference-making draft picks, will it ever be possible to draft high enough when four of those six pieces are already in place?

As encouraging as Jrue Holiday has been, he’s still not a guy you can build around, basically putting the Sixers in the same spot they’ve been since the Iverson era.

I agree that a fringe playoff team is the worst place to be in the NBA, but, even in a fairly awful season in which Holiday has missed time, the Sixers are 15-18 and competing for a playoff spot.

The teams that will get those elite draft picks have less than 10 wins. I hate to say it, but the Sixers are too good to go the draft route unless they completely nuke the roster, which is unlikely with Holiday in the fold for the next four years and Turner likely to follow.

So, what can they do? 

As much of a risk Bynum was when the Sixers made the move, their next decision will be an even bigger risk.

With Holiday locked up and Turner probably going to be around for a long time, the Sixers will not be completely incompetent, basically the NBA’s no-man land.

Letting Bynum walk might free up some cap space, but how could the Sixers use it? What premier free agents want to join this group? Better question, who is there to sign? Chris Paul isn’t coming here. Even if Dwight Howard returns to form, he isn’t either.

The Sixers have one year to use that money before re-upping Evan Turner, which wouldput them out of the free agent market for a few more years. They won’t be able to return to relevance through that path.

I obviously don’t know the medical information (even if they don’t seem to know either though), but Bynum’s reward is worth the risk. No matter what happens with this season, the Sixers need to take that shot with Bynum when his contract expires.

In all likelihood Bynum is a sunk cost. But, in the five years it takes to re-sign him, is there any chance this team matters over that period?

The upside is that Bynum comes back, plays at an elite level, and they can talk another guy to join a burgeoning core.

The downside is that Bynum doesn’t play and the Sixers will remain mediocre, or he does play and they’re just a better shade of mediocre, which they would be whether he’s here or not.

It’s easy to say when it’s not my money, but they might as well take the shot because they are not on an encouraging rebuilding route otherwise.

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  1. Injury risks aside, if the rumors are true that bynum doesn’t have a passion for the game or even like basketball, then we should not resign him. No matter how good he has been or could be, if he doesn’t really care then I don’t want him.

    • Interesting opinion. I know that is definitely an issue. Given that his personality is a little childish, I can’t imagine the level of disinterest if things aren’t going his way

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