New Head Honcho List

Check back here every week to see which candidate has been added to the New Head Honcho series! So far we’ve covered:

Pete Carmichael Jr. – Offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints

Jay Gruden – Offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals

Rick Dennison – Dffensive coordinator of the Houston Texans

Vic Fangio – Defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers

Ray Horton – Defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals

Jon Gruden – ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst

Mike McCoy – Offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos

Gus Bradley – Offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks

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  1. Would like to see a write up on what you think of Dirk Koetter and Joe Vitt.

  2. Hi. Can i Share New Head Honcho List to my Facebook page?

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