Fan Review – Week 15: Brandon Graham

After re-watching this game against Cincinnati, it’s impossible to come away anything but highly impressed with the performance of Brandon Graham. Graham (6’2″, 265) spent the entire night simply dominating a much larger right tackle in Andre Smith (6’4″, 335). Over the 51 plays Graham notched three sacks, a forced fumble, five QB hurries, and a place in my heart with his relentless effort.

As expected, Graham truly shined in the passing game. He used a fairly balanced attack of speed and bull rushing to regularly collapse the pocket on Andy Dalton. He had many impressive plays throughout the night, which Hank will explain in the video, but there was one play in particular that caught my eye.

At the end of the first quarter, Graham is tangled with Smith on the outside as Dalton drops back. A Cincinnati back then took a delayed route into the flat in Graham’s direction. Graham managed to see the back, remove himself from the block and chip the runner, then continue to battle Smith. Very smart, effective effort there.

The running game was more of a struggle. Not that he played a bad game in that regard, but there were a few occasions where he was successfully sealed off for big gain off-tackle runs. For example, the Law Firm broke a 14 yard run to Graham’s side in the first minute of the game.

However, his consistent effort allowed for a few occasions in which Graham was away from the point of attack and managed to be involved in the play or even bring the runner down for a loss.

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