Fan Review Vote: Eagles vs. Cincinnati

Did you watch the Cinicnnati game on Thursday night and say to yourself: Why did Bryce Brown have a rough game? or how did Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie play against A.J. Green? Well now you can have those questions answered with our weekly Fan Review!

Here’s what we did in the very first edition of our fan review last week with none other than Nick Foles in his stellar game against Tampa Bay.

Simply vote in the poll below (or leave a comment if not listed) for the player you would most like us to analyze from Thurdsday’s contest and we’ll post our take later in the week!

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  1. why can’t bryce brown (or seemingly any eagle this year) hold onto the ball?

    • Well Brown never tucks the ball in and Vick?…well yeah exactly the same thing for him. You just can’t be doing that in the NFL.

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