What to Watch for: Eagles/Cowboys take 2

We’re gonna get right into it this week, folks. Here’s what to watch for:

1. SCREWING DALLAS! In the same way that you “accidentally” drop kick your sibling’s sandcastle that looms over your architectural nightmare, the Eagles can spite the crap out of Dallas today. With the Cowboys 5-6, the Eagles could essentially eliminate Dallas from the playoffs with a win and give fans a reason to smile. Whether fans would be happier with a loss and better draft position is a whole other issue.

2. Bryce Brown. He had a fantastic game last week if not for those two costly fumbles. This week look to see where Brown is holding the ball when he runs. Hopefully the rookie worked hard this week to correct the ball control issue.

3. Nick Foles. Foles had done nothing but check downs and short yardage throws. Like last week, pay attention to how far down field Foles is willing to throw the ball. If he’s holding back and refusing to sling it, then the evidence becomes that much more damning for his future.

4. Marvin McNutt. With DeSean Jackson done for the year and the football gods laughing hysterically, McNutt was promoted to the active roster form the practice squad this week. The rookie wide receiver is 6’4″, weighs 215 pounds and has decent speed. Look for the Eagles to call his number a few times to see what he’s made of-especially in the red zone…if they can get there.

5. Vinny Curry. The young defensive end had an admirable performance during his first sniff of playing time. He played hard and notched five tackles against the Carolina Panthers in only 22 snaps. Keep an eye on Curry’s snap count and his ability to shed blocks against the run.

6. Jerry Jones. Whenever he shows up on screen please chuckle to yourself and continue to be glad that he’s not the Eagles’ owner.

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