The Boondoggle: Mike Holmgren in Philly for Tonight’s Game

In a surprise move Mike Holmgren stepped down today from his role as decision maker for the Cleveland Browns. While Holmgren was expected to be let go at the end of the season, his early resignation seemed to be strange-or rather, suspicious. Making matters more clouded is the fact that Holmgren will be replaced by former Eagles president Joe Banner.

A report from an anonymous source within the Eagles organization has told us some utterly shocking news regarding tonight’s contest. It seems as though Philadelphia will experience the old bait and switch.

To put everything in context, we broke the news earlier in the season that Andy Reid has been anxious to move out of town. Now, Reid’s mentor-Mike Holmgren-has been informed by Joe Banner that the Eagles would like Holmgren to secretly coach as Andy Reid.

That’s right. Holmgren will be disguising himself as Andy Reid for the remainder of the season. It’s the parent trap…in real life. The source has informed the Wooder Cooler that Holmgren could be coaching the Eagles as soon as tonight-assuming that the make-up work is sufficient enough.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of what the switch will look like:

“Gotta do a better job”

The move is a win-win for both sides. For Holmgren, he gains some free time knocking off the rust in order to join a new club as a head coach next year. Reid on the other hand, gets to sleep off the turducken he had for Thanksgiving and then move out West when his minor grade hibernation concludes.

The switch makes sense for the Eagles as well. At 3-7, they have nothing to lose by bringing in a new coach for he remainder of the season. It also provides the opportunity to look for a new coach now. No harm done.

So while you’re watching the game, be on the lookout. Tonight’s “battle of the bads” might be the most interesting game of the year in disguise.

*Note: This story is not factual in any way despite how beautiful Holmgren looks in the artist’s depiction.

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